Our Social Mission

Salvage Row is part of PHASE, a Community Interest Company offering housing, education and employability opportunities to vulnerable young people in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas. All profits are re-invested into our social mission.

Salvage Row is part of our commercial arm which helps fund our work and extends our social mission to people of all ages. This includes those dealing with loneliness, lack of skills, homelessness or who are struggling to return to work.

We sell vintage and retro furniture, household items and curiosities. We also produce a range of bespoke furniture built in house. We aim to INSPIRE young people and help them into work by teaching new skills whilst working with our wider community of staff and of volunteers.

We welcome anyone in the community getting involved from donating furniture to becoming a volunteer find out more here

A local shop with local impact

Salvage Row is a new kind of shop.  We’re not like national high-street charity shops; our profits are re-invested wholly in the local area. 

We also coach our volunteer merchandisers, furniture restorers, painters, social media junkies, designers and more to provide first class products and services to our customers.
When you buy from us, your money is re-invested to help local young people receive decent housing. You also fund education and lifestyle classes for young people to help them become fantastic local citizens. 

Our Story

Salvage Row is the invention of local business woman Sue Whitfield who has been working with young people for over 25 years. In 2013, Sue led the formation of  PHASE, a social enterprise now providing young people’s housing services for North Lincolnshire Council. 

Now in its third year, PHASE is setting up a number of commercial services to help fund the vital work it does for young people. 

Based in the heart of the town, Salvage Row will provide much needed funds to expand housing and social care for young people in the Scunthorpe area. 

The growth of the upcycling market is a natural opportunity for PHASE to build a brand and compete in a growing space. 

So many of our young people, volunteers and staff are passionate about beautiful upcycled products that don’t cost the earth. 

Everyone deserves a little something

We make sure young people have a roof over their heads first and foremost. But we also believe everyone deserves nice things in their home no matter their budget. 

For our young people, home is more than a reliable TV or washing machine. It's also about having something nice, something you love, something that makes it home. 

Salvage Row provides both the essentials, and the things that help you make a home your own no matter your budget. 

Browse our store or visit us online for household appliances, furniture and essentials. You’ll also find vintage, retro and unusual gems that will go perfectly beside them.