Exiting News – We’re Moving

Due to the popularity of our ‘not for profit furniture’ shop, we’re expanding!

Whats Happening? 

Our current shop is moving from 175 High Street to 186 High Street

This gives us a more extensive workshop so we can:

Produce and sell more of our INSPIRE range of furniture; built locally

Offer more volunteer positions

Train more young people in joinery and up-cycling

Create more local jobs

When's it Happening?

Our old shop closed at 175 High Street closed on 4th of August and we are busy getting our new shop at 186 High Street ready.

Our new shop will take a little time to get up and running. 

As soon as we open the doors, we will let you know! 

About Salvage Row

We Invest 100% of our profits in local young people who need additional support in the community. 

Salvage Row helps reduce local crime and anti-social behaviour by directing young people into training, education and offering essential life skills. 

Every time you buy from ‘Salvage Row,’ you‘re contributing to our social mission to give vulnerable young people a positive start to adult life. 


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