Challenge Accepted !

Our disabled friendly dining table. 

One of our customers popped into the shop this week to ask  if we could help her with a furniture related problem.  She liked our cross legged dining table from our INSPIRE range of furniture but, as a disabled person required some changes to make its work for her specific needs. 

Yes, we can said our team of volunteer crafts people. 

So we planned and made a dining table with the same style as our INSPIRE range but taking into account our customer’s specific requirements as a disabled person. 

We see any obstacle as a challenge and any time a customer pops in store with an idea, or they are looking for a solution for an area of their home, we do anything we can to bring that idea to life. 

This time was no different, the customer wanted a wheelchair friendly dining table made completely of wood that was easy to manoeuvre under but still stylish enough for her home.

The table needed to be sturdy and strong, like the rest of our products, but it also needed to have open space underneath with no beams running across. We sent the idea speck over to our experienced team to come up with a design idea using recycled wood. The results… well, a simply stunning piece of furniture. 

We pride ourselves on viewing obstacles as a challenge to overcome; it is something we teach our young people, a theme that runs deep through our company values.  Working alongside the customer and their individual needs, we created a perfect, bespoke piece of furniture that will make a customer’s life easier!
Have an idea? Think you can challenge us? The drop by our store and see what all the fuss is about! We are sure you will be surprised.