186 High Street, Scunthorpe. Call 01724 840946
186 High Street, Scunthorpe. Call 01724 840946
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Work with our furniture maker to get exactly what you want.

Our furniture maker is available for appointments in Scunthorpe to give you a no-obligation quote. You can make inquiries on our contact us page. You can also book an appointment on our facebook page. 

Seen something?

Please send us your photos on web links to the product you like or have seen. We can often create our own versions of similar styles of tables, cabinets, beds or bookshelves. Often at a better price than buying online from some retailers, and to your own specification. 

Drawn something?

Whether its a masterpiece or on the back of an envelope. Send us your sketch of what you want (including measurements) and our furniture maker will be able to discuss the options and prices for creating a piece just for you. 

Got a specific space?

If space is an issue for your new piece of furniture we can make any of our buy online or bespoke ranges to a specific size for you where the design allows. 

Need something upcycling?

If you have a well-loved piece of furniture and don't have the time to upcycle it yourself, talk to us about our upcycling service. We can restore most items of furniture to a high standard. We can even put a modern twist on old furniture to keep it standing out for years to come.